Moonlight Shadow Earrings - Cream Pearls ✿


  • Capture the ethereal beauty of moonlight with these exquisite chandelier earrings. Each piece features intricate sterling silver filigree meticulously shaped into delicate teardrop frames. Nestled within are lush cream freshwater pearls that appear to float weightlessly, their luminous glow evoking the soft radiance of moonbeams filtering through clouds. These sophisticated earrings are at once romantic and timeless, versatile enough for both evening elegance and adding a touch of understated glamour to everyday looks. 

  • Handmade in .925 sterling silver. Length: 8,8 cm. All measurements are approximate, as every piece is handmade.

  • Oxidized silver jewelry must not be exposed to jewelry detergents, which will destroy the oxidized surface. An oxidized silver surface must only be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.

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