Yvone Christa is now unveiling the NEW collection at Vicenza Oro: January 19-23 !

Choose your colors!

Yvone Christa’s best selling earring of all time is now available for order in custom colors of your choice!

By the request of many customers, you can now choose your favorite color from a selection of fresh-water pearls or with beautiful semi-precious stones like jade, quartz, citrine, amethyst and cubic zirconia.

Made to order. Just for you.

Made for you by Yvone Christa

All Yvone Christa pieces are made by hand, in the art of filigree.

Filigree is a work of an ancient technique of twisting two thin wires in silver or gold, forming a cord that are used by the artisans to carefully shape and solder together to create the patterns in each piece.  

Yvone Christa’s celebrated collections are inspired by nature and romance. The elegant and very feminine designs feature delicate and lace patterns that are inspired in the styles of classic, bohemian, time periods and contemporary fashion.

Bespoke orders are created and shipped in 4 weeks or less.