Midnight Radiance Earrings


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  • These glamorous chandelier earrings epitomize elegance and sophistication. They feature intricate silver filigree work that cascades in delicate swirls and loops. Glistening jet stones and apricot zirconias dangle gracefully, adding a touch of opulence to the design. These statement earrings, are perfect for formal occasions or for adding a touch of drama to any ensemble. The  craftsmanship and careful attention to detail truly make these earrings a work of wearable art.

  • Handmade in .925 sterling silver. Length: 7.5 cm. All measurements are approximate, as every piece is handmade.

  • Oxidized silver jewelry must not be exposed to jewelry detergents, which will destroy the oxidized surface. An oxidized silver surface must only be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.