Gingko Biloba Peridot Gray Necklace ✿


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  • Introducing the exquisite Yvone Christa handmade sterling silver necklace, a true masterpiece that is sure to turn heads. This stunning piece is expertly crafted with intricate filigree Ginko Biloba designs, which are gracefully interspersed with lustrous gray freshwater pearls.

    The six beautifully detailed Ginko Biloba motifs evoke a sense of nature's elegance and charm. Each motif is carefully handcrafted, showcasing the artistry that Yvone Christa is renowned for.

    At the clasp of the necklace, two delicate faceted peridots add a touch of color, making this piece a perfect accessory for any occasion.
    The Yvone Christa Ginko Biloba necklace is a true statement piece that exudes timeless elegance and beauty.

  • Handmade in .925 sterling silver. Stone size: 5mm. Long chain: 120cm.  All measurements are approximate, as every piece is handmade.

  • Oxidized silver jewelry must not be exposed to jewelry detergents, which will only destroy the oxidized surface. An oxidized silver surface must only be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.